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Encrypted / Secure


  • Security Messenger
  • Group Chats
  • Announcement Channels
  • Education Forum
  • Video Call
  • Voice Call


Our integrated messenger lets platform users send and receive messages with a decentralized infrastructure, distributed over different layers and benefiting from multikey encryption. Your Data – Your Life

The Mission

All of the features that users have grown to enjoy and expect from conventional messengers are available on the ONEG8.ONE messenger within a secure and trusted environment. This blockchain-based messenger includes functions to create groups of all sizes that can be kept private or public. Users can also create information channels to stay in constant touch with their communities.

The ONEG8.ONE messenger leverages a unique end-to-end “salted” mix-net noise creation encryption mechanism that goes far beyond the security mechanisms available and well known on conventional apps today. This advanced, blockchain-based encryption ensures the privacy and security of messages, making it nearly impossible for any third party to intercept and read them. This protects additional your Metadata and what sets our messenger apart from others.

“Multi-key encryption is a cryptography method where multiple keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data. It provides added security by requiring multiple individuals or devices to have access to their individual keys in order to decrypt the encrypted data. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that sensitive information remains secure even if one key is compromised.

Salted mix-net noise creation encryption is a cryptographic method that uses a combination of random data (known as noise) and a unique value (the salt) to encrypt information. The salt helps ensure that even if the same data is encrypted multiple times, it will result in different encrypted outputs each time. This makes it more difficult for attackers to analyze patterns in the encrypted data and increases the overall security of the encryption method. The noise is added to the encryption process to further obscure the original data and make it more difficult to decipher. The result is a mix-net, a secure and private system for communication and data storage”.

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