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All ONEG8.ONE membership fee payments and other fees for products and services on the platform are settled in $G8-COIN: ONEG8.ONE participant uses $G8-COIN for the purchase of all services and products, such as subscription fees, additional cloud storage capacity, and more. Participants may use other coins like BTC or ETH, by paying a 10% surcharge to swap the coins and ultimately settle the transaction in $G8-COIN.


This revenue-sharing opportunity incentivizes platform participants and community members to encourage their families, friends, and followers to subscribe to ONEG8.ONE—by providing them with a shareable referral link. This program facilitates the rapid growth of ONEG8.ONE platform membership numbers by financially rewarding G8-Agents for the paying subscribers they bring onto the platform.

When a new subscriber joins ONEG8.ONE from a referral link, the name, and date of the account is registered under the G8-Agent account that owns the referral link. From this point on, a percentage of all subscription fees and other spending and buying that this account does on ONEG8.ONE is paid to the G8-Agent’s account in $G8-COINs.

Time limitations for G8-Agents. Please note that the following time limitations apply to the revenue-sharing program for each subscriber account referral:

  • During Years 1 & 2 (10% Revenue Share): During the first and second years after the referral, the G8Agent receives 10% of all subscription and fee payments that the referred account spends on ONEG8.ONE.
  • During Years 3 & 4 (5% Revenue Share): During the third and fourth years after the referral, the G8Agent receives 5% of all subscription and fee payments that the referred account spends on ONEG8.ONE.
  • After Year 4 (Referral Expires): At the end of the fourth year of revenue sharing for a particular referral, the revenue sharing ends and the referral connection permanently expires.

Placing time limitations on referrals encourages G8-Agents to continue bringing new subscribers to the platform. The earlier that users start inviting subscribers to the platform, the higher the chances they will receive an above-average referral income.

Who benefits from the G8-Agent Program for Referrals?
The 10% Revenue Sharing G8-Agents Program is a lucrative earning opportunity for G8-Agents. Meanwhile, this generous incentive can also benefit the growth of the ecosystem and the value of ONEG8.ONE for investors, and the building up and stabilizing of $G8 price for holders of the coin.

For more information, kindly read the FAQ, the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, or post any questions to the ONEG8.ONE forum.

1 Month

Full Ecosystem Access
5 GB Data Storage Included
  • Option 1 = 7 USD
  • Option 2 = 6 USD in G8 Coins

6 Month

Full Ecosystem Access
10 GB Data Storage Included
  • Option 1 = 35 USD
  • Option 2 = 30 USD in G8 Coins

12 Month

Full Ecosystem Access
15 GB Data Storage Included
  • Option 1 = 65 USD
  • Option 2 = 60 USD in G8 Coins
*Until the final implementation of G8Chain (Polygon Edge based), the App is free of charge for the user.
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