'ONEG8 or the GATE to ONE'

ONEG8 is a Web 3.0 privacy blockchain superstructure with powerful and easy-to-use tools.

ONEG8.ONE provides a digital, blockchain-based multi-tool ecosystem where there are no dopamine-creating algorithms, and no data harvesting—and most importantly, it embeds the fundamental right to privacy in its code. In this way, ONEG8.ONE combines the highest levels of encryption and data protection with the most advanced technologies for communication, social interaction, entertainment, and business operations.

At ONEG8.ONE the “Your Keys, Your Coins, Your Data, Your Life” ethos is not only a slogan but a living ethical guideline for all coders, developers, and network partners who are contributing to the ONEG8.ONE digital ecosystem.


We are inspired by our own needs.

As “the smart network for smart people,” ONEG8.ONE focuses on the creation of a digital lifestyle where authentic community building happens naturally, within a safe and trusted ecosystem. ONEG8.ONE’s advanced data-protected digital environment, file-sharing platform, and other core features are leading the field in Web 3.1 decentralization and blockchain technology—and more importantly, they are increasing the overall value of the global social media, communication, and IT market. Through our interconnected tools for the consumer, education, and business markets, ONEG8.ONE creates tangible value for exceptional people and projects in our communities.
The ONEG8.ONE ecosystem leverages every available technical resource to attain these objectives ethically and sustainably, offering the best possible conditions for users to productively collaborate in teams—while enjoying the highest quality social media connections—without exposing themselves to dopamine-based addiction techniques on traditional social media, nor subjecting their operational data.

We work with forward thinking people and groups, to transform ideas in real products.

We work hard to create real values and good products.


No Manipulation, No Bias, No Data Farming.


1.1 Chats, Group Chats, Announcement Channels. Salted and End to End encrypted.

Video Call

The Free Call and Video function.

Layer 1 Blockchain

100 Mio. Max G8 Coin, Built on Polygon Edge Framework.


Noncustodial wallet function with multi-chain function.
Your Keys – Your Coins.


Integrated NFT Platform with multi Coin functionalities and KYC for Artist Selling.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful or valuable.