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Why ONEG8.ONE, Why Data Privacy, and Why Now?

According to Allied Market Research, ( ) “The global data protection as a service market size was valued at $15.49 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $170.54 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 27.2% from 2021 to 2030.” In alignment with these projections, global governments are already implementing stricter data privacy rules, and consumers are demanding better data privacy protections.  

ONEG8’s underlying structure of the ONEG8.ONE Application has positioned itself to intersect this growing trend toward data private systems. To do this, ONEG8 offers a stack of decentralized, privacy-first, blockchain-based IT tools. These tools utilize Web 3.0 structures to service the core operational, IT, and communications needs of businesses and organizations. The ecosystem also includes consumer services for social media, communications, entertainment, and education. 

As a service to society, our Ecosystem is providing these cornerstone information/communication technologies with the following characteristics:  

  • Privacy-first 
  • Full decentralization 
  • Impossible-to-shutdown all of the structure 
  • Freedom from censorship 
  • Adherence to WEB 3.0 ideals 
  • Freedom from user and business data harvesting 
  • Freedom from dopamine-based addiction strategies 
  • Adherence to a “Not-your-keys-not-your-data-not-your-coins” philosophy 
  • Freedom from emotional-biological-psychological addiction strategies 
  • Freedom from targeted advertising based on user characteristics and behavior 
  • Privacy, encryption, and occultation of user transactions (No one, including ONEG8 developers and team can access user data) 

Our society can only develop if we can develop undisturbed as individuals, without being manipulated by interest groups and being overwhelmed with unnecessary information. Our life does not take place on the internet. Take advantage of technology, but don’t let technology use you. You are important and therefore you have to protect yourself from unwanted influences. 


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