Data-Private Systems 

August 5, 2022
August 5, 2022 admin

The Growing Need for Data-Private Systems 

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Although most consumers and small-to-medium-sized businesses are not yet aware, the largest corporations and governments in the world are engaged in something akin to a “data war” —-and this war has been going on for decades. Essentially, the data war is a race to collect as much data as possible on everyone and everything.  

This data war has been happening—mostly under the surface and invisible to consumers and small businesses—for the last 20 years. But gradually, people and businesses are waking up to the fact that the most valuable asset on earth is their data, and it is being stolen from them for free. Is it a coincidence that 7 of the 10 most valuable corporations in the world are also the companies that own and control the largest reserves of data?  

A lot has been written on the topic, but tech visionary Jaron Lanier provided an easy-to-understand explanation of the core issues surrounding “data war” and its importance in an eye-opening, 13-minute-long video production for the New York Times.  

The most recent evidence of the data war entering consumer awareness was the precipitous crash of Facebook stock value—which happened when Apple updated its iOS to let users turn off the ability of Facebook and other apps to track user activity on different third-party apps (a feature that most Apple users engaged in). The Android OS (from Google) also plans to restrict the ability of apps to track user data on third-party apps. These data restrictions have destroyed the ability of Facebook and other digital advertisers to deliver highly effective targeted ad campaigns—and their business models are collapsing as a result.  

In alignment with the trend toward data-private systems, global governments are also enacting stricter data privacy laws—all but killing the third-party cookie which allows web apps to track user activity on different websites. They are also tightening the data privacy restrictions found in existing rules (such as GDPR, SOC-2, CCPA, and HIPAA). 

To be sure, Apple, Google—and the governments that support them—are not restricting data access to improve consumer privacy. In fact, they are securing their first-level access to this data and their control of it. By shoring up access to data, the largest tech companies and political interests in the world are securing their ability to use, leverage, and sell this data at any price—along with all the power that comes with it.  

When massive quantities of real-time consumer data is combined with sophisticated AI algorithms, those that control the data gain the power to predict future business and societal trends with alarming levels of accuracy. More poignantly, when data and AI analytics are leveraged to curate user news, advertisement, and social media feeds, centralized organizations acquire the ability to alter societal values, change beliefs, influence elections, and even insight political activism, violence, and war—all to support their businesses and political objectives.  

 Answering the Demand for Data-Private Systems  

ONEG8 is answering the demand—and societal need—for data-private systems by offering a “privacy umbrella” with all of the digital/IT infrastructure required for business, communication, social media, entertainment, eCommerce, education, and more. This way, any person or business that desires it can operate independently from big tech monopolies with absolute data privacy, high security, and zero risk of data harvesting. Users maintain full control of their data, who sees it, and whether third parties can access it and use it. 

ONEG8’s privacy-first blockchain protocol and military-grade encryption also empower businesses to adhere to the strict data compliance standards from their industries and governments—while bringing them the tremendous benefits of decentralized blockchain and smart contract technology. 

In summary, ONEG8 offers a decentralized, almost impossible-to-shutdown network to consumers and businesses where data privacy is law. While using this network, participants do not give up any of the competitive advantages or functional capabilities that—until the launch ofONEG8.ONE Application and Desktop —were only available through big tech monopolies.  


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